What are Panini Extra Stickers?

Panini Extra Stickers are five additional stickers included in regular pack. On average, one is randomly inserted into every 100 packets. These extra collection stickers differ from the standard collection stickers by featuring an action image on the front, an unnumbered back and a new Panini logo. There are 20 subjects depicted on the PANINI Extra Stickers, each of which is represented in multiple copies with varying degrees of rarity. The world-renowned company Panini has been producing these collectable cards since 1961 and they have become highly sought after by both casual collectors and hardcore enthusiasts alike.

With their unique designs and vibrant images, Panini Extra Stickers provide a fun way to express one’s appreciation for football and football culture. In addition to this, many countries around the world recognize these cards as official trading cards which makes them very popular among fans who like to show their support and adoration for their favourite teams or players through this medium. PANINI Extra Stickers offer something truly special to collectors who look beyond just collecting cards and seek something more valuable in their collections.

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