Match Attax and Card Values

It's come to our attention that Match Attax is increasingly popular among the users of Card Value, so we thought we'd dive in and cover it a little for anyone knew to the trading card game. Match Attax is a... Read more

What are Panini Extra Stickers?

Panini Extra Stickers are five additional stickers included in regular pack. On average, one is randomly inserted into every 100 packets. These extra collection stickers differ from the standard collection stickers by featuring an action image on the front, an... Read more

Kobe’s Momento: The Iconic ’96 Topps Chrome Refractor

The most popular Kobe Bryant rookie card is the 1996 Topps Chrome Refractor Rookie Card. This iconic card features a classic shot of the young Kobe in his Lakers uniform with a shiny chrome finish. The chrome refractors were only... Read more

Advanced Search in Beta

We recently launched a beta version of our new Advanced Search feature to our email subscribers and would like to make it available to you, too! With advanced search you can apply built in filters for your search to further... Read more

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